Thank you for choosing ICE COOL series product. This warranty certificate is enacted to protect customers’ rights for providing comprehensive after-sales service by Nan Ya Plastics Corporation. Please read the following content detailed.

Warranty Condition

Our company guarantees those who apply ICE COOL window film can replace a new series product if it occurs fracture, discolor, shedding, or deformation situation within the warranty period.

Warranty Period (Warranty content is mainly with the warranty card every customer gets.)

6 years of warranty period for car
10 years of warranty period for building

To protect customers’ rights, make sure the window film you get have NAN YA watermark.

Our company cannot provide aforementioned warranty and maintenance service as the following circumstances:

Correct Maintenance Procedure of Car Window Film

Correct Maintenance Procedure of Building Saving Film

Important Notice

Out company has the right to modify, explain, and illustrate the aforementioned warranty policy. The aforementioned warranty policy can be replaced by any other warranty services either explicitly or implicitly, including but not limited to the vendibility of specific goods, or applicability of implicitly warranty. Our company assumes no responsibility causing by concomitance, indirect, special or consequential damages, damage to property and person for violating warranty policy even if we have informed this damage occurs and any amendments thereto. Any dealers, agents, or employees cannot amend or prolong the warranty period and requirements without authorization.