Excellent Transparency

Mist prevention, Secure Protection

Excellent Safety Control

NAN YA ICE COOL – The One and the Only Choice


Excellent Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Development

Nan Ya nano ceramic coating has the thermal resistance patent technique. Topped any other foreign brands for efficiency and durability on-the-spot survey. Certificated LCBA. Reduce15.2% energy charge. NAN YA ICE COOL deluxe A9 can block 77-95% solar radiation, cutting down the fuel consumption effectively. Provide the enjoyable atmosphere and desirable effect.

Excellent Quality

100% MADE IN TAIWAN Product

With world class R&D center, certificated TAF laboratory, excellent quality, and high efficiency, ICE COOL window film can cut down 15.2% energy consumption. A set of productions are developed by our own company, Hsin Kang branch. Adopt optical film in a 1000 grade clean room environment. Specific country of origin provides the best and reliable products for our customers.

Every product has its own exclusive heat insulation technique. With nano ceramic coating product patent, ICE COOL has the best heat resistant effect for blocking 77-95% radiant heat. For you, all of the best.

70% light transmittance
35% light transmittance
15% light transmittance

On-the-spot survey for ready-made window films on 95% IR blocking, every product from ICE COOL block the most radiant heat source (CNS 5119 Class Ⅱ), reducing the apparent temperature effectively. ICE COOL, surpasses all.